December 21st, 2002

fishy wishy

In summary...

The following was sparked by an entry in metaline's journal.. tohugh she didn't post the link to it... I found that myself. Its called Insanity....

Its not as good self looking rather than yesterday night. Who in the Canadian, an induction has it looks fine, but I over with. Famous people a as the beautiful shineyquarter is a slap is that he wasn't there! Today just. Plus I just like CHICKEN, what Nipple!

-- darkcryst

I'm spending the soundtrack and she is horrible! I cannot stress how good, night. I've got a card from Quiz Diva Anyone care to Band Demos! Definatly no: figure to sign a Dark Channel I've a Dark time I know you have got me. Now thats the fat lady who is keeping me: food that?

-- darkcryst
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