December 14th, 2002

live in colour


Ok well I'm tired this morning... this isn't a surprise, but hey. Its info for you.

I'm SO not looking forward to work tonight... particularly as I'm working atm. Its just going to be frustrating.. I can feel it.

Plus I'm tired and want to go to bed.. so that can't help. After work here I've got to go to town to get some things.. then I'll prolly catnap.

The beautiful shineyquarter is keeping me company this morning at work. *hugs* she's so great. I'd prolly be asleep on my keyboard without her. Sometimes I wish I wasn't here but a lot further away...

who am I kidding? Sometimes I wish I had a better job.. then rest of the time I wish I wasn't here but.. yadda yadda...


[/incoherent entry]
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