December 6th, 2002

fishy wishy

Right.... are you sitting comfortably?

ok... well hmm yes. Where to start?

*listens to the smartarses say "the begining"*

Okay okay... well I should have known that it was going to be a bad day... its started off so well! What you say? Well I woke up and FELT good! Good lordy yes! So really this should have been an omen.

Well the day before my manager had said... "oh is it ok if I have a word with you tomorrow around 3?" er.. sure! No problem. Little did I know this was to be my monthly supervision session... gee thanks for the notice. Fucking hell.

Anyhow so this comes along.. and I'm basically told that they aren't happy with how I'm working. That they aren't seeing the results they expected.. and they feel I have lost my enthusiasm with the job.

Well they certainly aren't wrong about that... I've been thrown in and asked to do jobs that I've no idea where to start with.. when I ask for help all I get in non-comital suggestions... if anything. The lack of support is fantastic. Their idea of support is to give me a bullet pointed list of my responsibilites.. which is fine IF I know how to perform those responsibilies.. or if they are the complete list (never is) OR if I have access to the tools I need to perform them.

An example. Publicity. I'm big on publicity. It was one of the reasons they hired me. However for the first two months I was frantically playing catch-up on who the fuck was who and how stuff worked (I still don't know most of it.. I find something new out every sodding week). This last month I had no computer...

Now for a computer grad, who works on computers, does everything ON a computer... this is an issue. The computer I had previously had no printer - so I was restricted to finding a time to use my managers which was attached to the only high quality colour printer. Not a big problem... workable around at least.

However this computer (that was loaned to me) was removed from my office... without warning. So I was left with a clapped out computer that barely runs Win95. Great. I can use MSWord to create this stuff can I? No, of course not.

So after two weeks of complaining I finally manage to illicit a responce from my line manager... who after a few days gets me a "new" computer (a refurnished PII 400 with a Matrox g400 - laugh? I nearly cried). This computer then fails to have any software on it.. I spend a good few hours install stuff on it.. only to find out that windows doesn't support a g400 nativly and the drivers are about 7mb large so a floppy disk isn't going to fix it (cd-r's at MY work... HAH!). Great.

End of week three.... Oh THEN the monitor stops working. It gets sent back.. and comes back fixed... at the end of week four... last friday.

So I got a mouthful at this meeting... afterwards I talked to the guy he built the club up, one Paul Green. He's a good guy.. and was the heart and soul of the place, but for medical reasons had to leave.. now he's back (his first day) and doing a different job. I talked to him about it. He said that basically to run the club he'd been working 30+ hours a week on it.. mostly out of it own time! Why? Because to him it was a hobby as well. Perfect! This is what is needed. However that is not what I'm going to do... why? because I don't have the time to do shit I'm not bieng paid to do. Sorry.. thems the breaks. I have been doing just uder 20 hours at this one place.. they want me to pull more? They can fucking pay me.

So the last month hasn't looked to good for me. But frankly... fuck'em. I can't be arsed with their shit.

And shit they did give me. I'm up for review again in the begining of January... the end of my probabtionary period. The tone of the interview was such that I pretty much was of the opinion they were saying "we don't want to sack you at christmas"

Oh reeeeally? Right... well my initial reaction was "fine..whatever. I hate it here anyhow." then I started thinking...

They have so many problems at this place with organisation and proper procedure... the lack of training they've given me... I mean hell I've no idea where the fire points are in the bloody place! So I got pro active.

You want something from me? Fine. But first I want all this from you! I made a list. Everything I want set down, clarified... in writing. Procedures and training I want. Problems outlined.. etc.

Tomorrow I'm going in with this list, backed up by my sister (for moral support, and who's working there as a sound tech - plus shes worked for the council before.. she knows their procedue better than me) and I'm going to have this out.

You think this is all me? Well fuck you funny man. I'll have YOUR shit fixed too thank you very much! Disapointed in me? I'm disapointed and apalled at YOU and your working practices!

For a damn start I intend to be around for White Rain's gig with Hunger For the Clash... fuck yeah. January is the best damn month I've got booked! Plus they NEED me.. they'll have no-one to run the club, no Events Manager, no Bar Manager... the place will DIE.

So fine.. dismiss my complaints as "moaning". Say you expected more. So did I you disorganised buch of amatures. Turn around.. bend over and prepare to have your words rammed up you arse so hard you'll say them again backwards.

Because I'm tired of your shit.

btw... this isn't even a tenth of the crap I've had to put up with at the hermit, and I accept that there are things I can do better.. but I know what they are and I know what support I should have had before now.
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