November 30th, 2002

mixed up mashed up world


That's right... fuck.

Was late for work today. I overslept.

Now ok.. I went to bed late, but I'm used to that. I can deprive myself of a few hours sleep and be fiiiine. The thing is... I didn't wake up to my alarm. I KNOW I set it. I know I did. Yet I looked at it this morning and it claimed it was not set (or it was turned off). Now this presents me with the awful idea that I turned it off in my sleep. I've done similar things before, but never with this alarm - its tends to wake me up enough so I get up.

Still... arse. My boss wasn't too pleased. We're going to have a talk about how this job fits with my other one (ie late friday nights... maybe move the hours on Sat a bit).


In Other News:
TAKE MY QUIZ! Its mine! I made it!! You'll like it!!! lookie exclamation marks!!!!

on that note:
Which Rocky Horror character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

I didn't cheat at my own quiz.... so there :P

Also I know I haven't posted since I got back from staying with the lovely rinnywee.. I shall, and I have some nice photos too. Anyhow.. ta ta for now.
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