November 19th, 2002

mixed up mashed up world

You'd think it was simple wouldn't you?

Bloody Eurostar...

They've confirmed that my original booking was lost to cyberspace, and that they haven't got a clue if seats are availabel for that train (its not their department). I've been on hold for 30 mins.. so I'll try later. I've got work to do :(

All I want to do is GIVE THEM MY MONEY and get to france. You wouldn't think it was that hard would you? Anyhow.. I have a shopping list from rinnywee And I'll try to get all of it tomorrow. At this rate I'll be swimming to france...

Working till close to midnight tonight, not too bad, but could be better - making up hours I missed yesterday.

Later on I'll present "DarkCryst's Guide for Band Demos" I'll prolly end up putting it up on the Hermit website when I re-do it.. but until then, here will do.

See y'all later :)
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    The Big - Demo CD (very good ska with punky bits)