November 16th, 2002

blood simple

I see you shiver... with antici....

Saturdaysmatursdayspatursday... yup its the morning and I'm at work.

*falls asleep on keyboard*

huh..? oh yes, where was I? ahhh last night...

Last night at the club was gooood. Two great bands - The Elysium Field (80's Gothy Cure style with a modern edge) and Itchy Skar (Ska with punky overtones - but NOT Ska-Punk they are picky about that) pulled a capacity audience.

God its nice when the place is full. It feels like fun! Also its nice to give the bands a reasonable ammount of money for turning up (we operate a percentage of the door for bands). I enjoyed myself, the heat coming from the ammased bodies was palettable, the fun ppl were having was obvious. All we need it this to continue for the next few weeks...

White Rain and Hunger For The Clash have got something to aim for Mellisa. :D I expect the same! hehe..

Last night was also Children In Need night (basically a yearly telethon for a charity). Thankfully I didn't see it, but I caught a clip this morning.

All the BBC newscasters dressed up and doing the Time Warp with Frank N Furter in there as well... oh god that was funny. Let me just re-itterate.. I LOVE ROCKY HORROR! I can sing a mean Frank or Riff Raff (and an ok Brad if I have to) but I don't really look the part.. I look more like Eddie.

I've got two rants beating around in my head.. dunno if I'll type them out, we'll see.

talk to you all later :)

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Oral Sex Donations Accepted

No real subtly here...

Yes, I'm jumping onto the bandwagon rather later than most. Careful, I may hold you to these ;)

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

and I don't think I'll post those rants.. I'm tiread and frankly not really in the mood to rant right now.
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