November 1st, 2002

mixed up mashed up world


ok.. so ebuyer sent me a damn AGP card... not a PCI one... balls.

I'm going to have to phone them tomorrow morning and sort is out.. damn it. I HATE it when companies screw up stuff like this. If it wasn't for the fact that they are one of the cheapest places around I'd prolly not use them again :(
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    my dad snoring in the other room.. mega loud.
blood simple


take free enneagram test

the breakdown you get in addition to this is quite interesting.

Also the mean score and its significance is interesting. I scored almost exactly 5 (5.02) so I'm a perfect 5 almost... interesting.

See? Interesting :D

At work this morning... yay.. was supposed to be going out tonight in London. Dunno if I'll be out that long. :(
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    Cyrus.. at work agian *sigh*