October 27th, 2002

fishy wishy

now don't be sad.. cause.. Two outa three aint bad....

Hmm well... last night I was up late (so no change there) and I could hear the wind blustering around outside..

"hmm.. breesey" I though..

er.. yeah... JUST A BIT

I finally got to sleep with my window open.. and awoke to find me, my bed, and my room... covered in leaves and bits of leaves.

Oh yay.. the camping life INDOORS!

Hmm so I decided to tidy my room up.. it needed it anyhow.. bit of an spring clean in autumn really.

Storm caused one hell of a mess. Fences broken, tree's down. Our house's hanging baskets thrown about the garden. Lots of mess....
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I'm a princess!

Life is a lemon and I want my money back...

Shit.. arse bugger balls fuck....

My stereo just broke... the CD player on is has been flakey for ages.. the FM doesn't work too well.. and now the tape player broke (nearly taking with it "the best 80's album in the world...ever!" but don't worry 80's fans.. its ok.)

Poot.... now I have basically a glorified set of computer speakers (my comp runs through it... so not all bad)


on the plus side though... I GOT A NEW MONITOR! w00t! Nothing earth shaking.. just a 17" black Dell. But MILES better than the crappy NEC 15-thinking-its-a-14 monitor I had (complete with burn marks from over zealous Uni flat mates). I've kept the old one though.. prolly get a crappy PCI graphics card and run two monitors.

I got this new one for driving a mate back from london... so not a bad trade.. New monitor... for what was supposed to be a 3 hour drive.. how wrong I was... 6 hours there and back :(

I drove a lot yesturday... toooo much *flops* ah well

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    none.. my tape no longer works and I'm in mourning...