October 25th, 2002

mixed up mashed up world

A case of the mondays...

Yes I know its Friday... but atm it feels like a monday.

Arse.. I'll be working till midnight tonoght at the club.. great. Just finished a meeting with my manager and the Bar Manager. Wasn't that fun... got told I'm supposed to do posters for the Gig lists for the next two months.

Yay! Something else I'm supposed to do that I didn't know about. Fucking awful organisation in this place.. in fact I'd go so fa to say NO fucking organisation. Every damn thing I try to do here is met with indifference by everyone but the sodding customers.

Fuck. I'm getting really pissed off with this place. Its a job I could like, but I'm not atm because of the ppl I have to work with. Already I'm thinking of looking for another job.. or at least scouting out options while I'm here. Can't hurt either way I guess.

My darling Brandi is all frustrated and upset... *pouts* Wish I was there so I could steal her from work (leaving a helpful kidnapping note for her boss of cource) take her out for milk, cookies.. and Moulin Rouge. *hugs to her*

Anyhow.. back to work. Thanks for listening.
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