October 23rd, 2002

fishy wishy

Two of us are like two of a kind...

I'd just like to say this: STYLE SHEETS ARE GOD!..


There we go. Sorry, for those of you who don't code web pages (or hand code them like I do) that might not mean too much. Basically I've been trying to cut down the loading times of a page and discovered that style sheets can help me (as opposed to most code stuff that is totally infelxable and hinders you). So um.. yay :D

I was in a film earlier! Well.. to clarify.. a video project that is being done by two local filmakers with local kids. I played an angry dad (?!). Do I look that old?? I'm only 22 for christs sakes! heh.. anyhow.. it went well, and the two hours is took felt liek about 25 mins.

I'd also liek to apologise to my darlin' Avi and the glorious Brandi who I quite rudely left just after I said hello to them to make that scene. I was dragged out by my manager as they were about to leave.. sorry loves *huggles* LOVE YOU BOTH!

Yes well... here I sit working on a web page in my free time. I'm such a fucking geek.. heh.

*shock horror interuption*

I've just discovered one of my favourite t-shirts (very comfy and nice) has been asaulted in the wash. It wasa black adidas one, and its now... dark brown. WTF? My mother did this set of washing.. so I asked her about it. She claims it was like that for ages, which is crap.. I wore it last week. So when I refute this she tells me to do my own washing. Ok fine.. normally that would be fair enough, and ownage of the highest order... EXCEPT she asked me if I had any washing to shove in (I did... lots of it I was going to do a big wash the next day) so in this went... and now its brown. I am pissed off.

Mind you.. shirts look better on me and are more flexable. Maybe its a good thing.
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