October 12th, 2002

fishy wishy

"Why's they never make Holdens other comic into a movie?" "Chasing Amy? Nahhh that'd never work."

I have had FAR too little sleep. Silly Greg. Got to get my body clock around the right way.
Spent the night far too awake and talking to shineyquarter and metaline.

I finally got to sleep far gone 4am, to rise at 9am... well.. I exagerate to say rise. Crawl perhaps.

Dragged myself downstairs (goaded by my Dad, need. to. move. out. - any roomie offers? I'm willing to relocate!), had breakfast, and then.. through a daze.. noticed I had a big padded envelope addressed to me.

Oooh post! I rarely get cool post, and packages rock.. I looked on the label to see who it might be from.. and OMG.

My Dad: "yeah.. what a name.. Jay and Silent Bill"
Me: "er.. Bob dad.. Bob."

My package from Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash! Wheeee!

I opened up the padded envelope to find...

*Drum roll*

another envelope... a UPS one.. ok.. umm never got one of these before so um.. oh yeah they have a tear strip don't they?
Rip it open to find....

*another drum roll*

TWO MORE smaller envelopes with "View Askiew Productions" emblasoned on them with the logo..
Exciting no?

Anyhow, after carefully opening the envelopes I found the two sets of film frames I ordered!

Chasing Amy and Clerks.. both with signed by Kevin Smith certificates of authenticity! About 6 frames of each!

The Chasing Amy scene is the hockey scene where Holden fumbles through the whole "finger cuffs" thing with Alyssa. So both Ben Affleck and Joey Lorrel-Adams are in the frames.. cool!

The Clerks scene is where Jay and Silent Bob are first in the Quick-Stop with Dante.. so all three of them (Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Brian O'Halloran) are in the frames! YAY!

I'm so stoked about this.. I didn't even know I'd get signed and scribbled on certificates.. I thought I'd be getting a bit of printed paper with them. I'll try and scan the frames and stuff for you guys.


Needless to say this has enlivened a very dull, cold, rainy, and quiet (no-one wants to come to the online center in the cold rain) morning!

*does the happy dance*
fishy wishy

Kevin Smith.. keeping up with his mates....

Found this burried in his website :)

"Saw "The Bourne Identity" last night. If for no other reason, see it to
watch Matty beat the living shit out of people. He comes off very
Batman (comics Batman, not movie Batman).

Also saw "The Sum of All Fears" last week, in which Ben makes it
very clear he's a bona fide movie star now. So weird to watch the flick
(which I really dug) and think "This motherfucker used to sleep on my
couch." I mean, it'd be like as if Harrison Ford used to sleep on my
couch. Or Clooney. Or Pitt. Or all three of them together, fucking on
my couch. And I was always like "Harrison! George! Brad! Stop
getting cum all over my couch!" And they were like "We can't help it,
man! We loves to fuck man-pussy!"

Alright, it's not like that at all. But you get the picture."