October 1st, 2002

fishy wishy

having a online gibberish test moment....

The B-Movie That Suits Me Is:

Riki: Not as brutal as Cannibal Holocaust but much gorier; this manga inspired film features such lovelies as exploding heads and self disembowelment. Chock full of creative ways to brutally slaughter someone.

Find out which b-movie suits you.

Never seen it... think I must now.. that guy looks very determind

Would I Survive A Pit Match Against Clinton And Bush
24% chance Bush would kill you.
0% chance Clinton would kill you.
0% chance he would sexually harass you.
76% chance you would kill them.
Enter Combat

the only way Bush is going to kill me is when he starts world war three... BRING IT ON!

My Favorite Female Part Is:

The Face: Sweet and angelic...

except when she yells at me...

Find out your favorite female body part!

This is actaully very very true. The first place I look at, if it grabs me, I'm hooked.

Oh and just for the ppl out there who I KNOW will love this....

I Am The Sex Toy:

Fuzzy Cuffs: Everyone knows who's in charge here, its me! I'll grab you by the wrists and not let go until you are good and done. Ten-hut!

Find out what sex toy you are.

happy? Entertain yourslef with that thought.....
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