September 27th, 2002

fishy wishy

Icon contest finished!

ok... the votes were cast and the desision made!

Out with "get out of my head" and in with FISHY WISHY!

yep.. any other suggestions for a better name welcome!


because I was asked - and to help in the hair decisions...

not really very good.. but here you go
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    Sigur Rós - Von - 05 - Myrkur
fishy wishy

Part 3 - PH3@R!

Who the hell are you?I am the all seeing.. all knowing.. all encompa...
Oh.. its you Sig...hey!
There a reason you're here? to laugh at my pain?no I come to give you....
huh? Arghh!THE POKE!
wait! no! I feel great! I can do... do....heh
THIS! Hawwwarrghhhh!oh shit... RUNAAWAY!
What will our hero do now? FIND OUT SOON!
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