September 26th, 2002

fishy wishy

Heeeerrrrrrre's Gregggy!

Yes its that time again....


I've got two new icons... but I don't know what ones to replace *personal crisis*

Yep.. and so I've decided to let you choose.

bwahahaha.. I stare at you all like some demented goon! oh.. wait...

So yes! look at my pics and tell me what ones to replace! I'm quite partial to the bjork 3 so please be nice to her (she so pretty after all) but... well we'll see :D
my user pics
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fishy wishy

hmmmm more choices...

I've got to get my hair cut.. I can't pull of the foppish hair look.. its getting annoying too.

So I've been thinking of how to cut my hair..

I've found something I'd like...

so me:

with this:

What do you think? (prolly not the colour, just the style.. at least for now)

*tripod linking image fixed.. teach me not to use my own webspace*
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I'm a princess!

IRC fun and frollics...

malachlite> im going to be posting on fatbabies
malachlite> to look for staff
malachlite> friend of mine suggested it
DarkCryst> "fatbabies! ???
malachlite> its not what you think it is dc
malachlite> ;)
DarkCryst> I'm not even clicking on that link
DarkCryst> you freak!
DarkCryst> FREAK!
malachlite> lol
malachlite> their an industry site you ponce
DarkCryst> god you're evil.. not only loving the fatbaby site, but being part of the FAT BABY INDUSTRY???
Soulfish> roflol
malachlite> PONCE!
malachlite> get back to work!
DarkCryst> demon baby eater! FAT BABY DEVOURER!
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