September 25th, 2002

black feelings

One step beyond...

Losing a friend hurts.

Especially if it comes out of the blue.

You're left wondering if it was you, them. Something you said, did, didn't do, didn't say.

But I'm not in that position. Or at least I choose not to view it that way I guess. I haven't lost anyone. I've just parted ways for a while. I hope our paths cross again, I really do. I'll be the one holding a big neon sign over my head that reads "I'm here if you need me"

Because I am. I will be.

I'm not going to lose someone I like and at the very least can be friends with (and how big an at least) if I can help it. So if someone needs space, they'll get space. I'll still be here when they're centered back to themselves.

Whatever happens then is what happens then.

To the person this is aimed at - I'll talk to you when you're comfortable with that.
To everyone else - Never say die and grasp everything with both hands... you never know when you'll lose your grip.

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