September 18th, 2002

fishy wishy


Spoke to metaline earlier. YAY

Shes soo cool. Hon you are cute and cool. Live with it ;)

Those of you I also have numbers for I will call, some sooner than others, trying not to spend a fortune here :)
Some of you I've already phoned, some of you I've yet to. I promice I will asap. Especially 3 of you.. as to which three you'll have to guess ;)

also in otehr news

Iraq tells US to go roger itself with a carrot

Ha! Where are you going to fight your war now Mr Bush? I sure hope Tony Blair is happy, I'll bet Bush isn't though.

No war.. and the UN gets what it wants

I say again... HA!

Incedentally.. the girl I'm listening to right now is one of the best Jazz/Blues/Swing piano/singers I've heard in ages. I intend to book her at the club. (if I can)
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