September 16th, 2002

fishy wishy


Yup end of the weekend. Work tomorrow.


Don't feel like I've had much of a weekend, but I guess work will take my mind off things.

I'm computerising the whole booking process using an ASP based database thang.. if that means anything to anyone. I know using the word thang can cause problems...

If it was up to me I'd close the place for a week, sort everything out, then start from scratch. Can't do that though.It'll be ok.. just more work this way.

Add to this Nick's website needs finishing... I should have never said I'd use flash, it hates me I swear. Other webby's too.

I'm not getting paid for all the webby's either...
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fishy wishy

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Took this just now. Funny... it came out exactly right.. exactly how I felt I wanted it to.

click on image to see mucho largero versiono
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