September 14th, 2002

fishy wishy


ok its he morning after the night before really I guess.

Should get to bed early when I have to get up in the morn... bad Greg, no more instant messaging for you!

heh yeah.. right.

Last night was the first gig at The Hermit while I've been in charge. It was the first night of a Brentwood wide alternative music festival (WrongFest). Some good bands were on, some bad. Bit of a wannabe goth crowd but thats ok I guess.

Overall not a bad night.

Should have gone to bed when I got home though... ah well too late now. Too early now really.. blurgh.

Another thing that has been diverting me lately is a discussion on the Eve-Online forums about fiction and the limits that are placed within it to make it believable.

Basically there's this corporation in Eve called Endless Corp. They produce some great works of fiction (writing style preferences aside) but recently they've been concentrating more and more on parts of their background, or even new stories, that (for me) break the flimsy thing called "suspension of disbelief".

Now their argument is basically "we're big.. we can do what we want, its OUR fiction."
My point is "Yes you're big, but you're workign within a pre-constructed fictional universe.. you have to abide by its limits."

Its like every SW fan writing fiction where a new clan of Jedi turn up and whoop ass. It would be too much... no matter how well written you have to work within what you have.

gah.. I dunno if I'm putting this down here well, I'm just writing off the top of my head.

I'm trying to make my point clear but it doesn't seem to be working. this is the link to the forums if you want to have a read.
Forum arguments....

I'm trying to be clear, and some ppl seem to understand what I mean there, but I get the feeling that EC is just being perversely arrogant.. *sigh*

ah well.
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fishy wishy

*beats his head against his desk*

I'd say what's bothering me.. I'd spill out why I'm hurt, raw, exasperated, depressed, and annoyed.

It wouldn't do much good and I'm not i nthe typing mood. I've never been one that's good at sharing my feelings written down. Hell even this journal is a departure form me. I've never even kept a basic diary before.

I digress.

What I really need right now is someone to talk to. But you're all far away and why on earth should you care anyway?


Just need to talk.. not type. I'm tired of typing.
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