September 11th, 2002

fishy wishy

lookie - I have an office!

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Yep this is my office at my new work.. what a mess. No-one had used it for 7months.. so 7 months back-log for me to catch up on. I'll post more later (when at work and using THEIR internet connection). Incidentally - my door is actually straight.. not the leaning House on Haunted Hill monster its become in this pic... Enjoy for now.
fishy wishy

Jesus mary joeseph in a unicycling parade wearing purple kilts....!

You know my day was going fine until half an hour ago?

Fucking ignorant, self satified, pompus parent. arrrgh.
The sooner I actaully get out of here the better. Damn its agrivating.

Aaaaaanyhow. I'll get onto that later. Work. I promised a post about work and what I do there earlier in the day, and its not up net. Why will become clear, and I appologise to the person I told before then that all would be clear waaay before now.


I work at the Hermit Club in Brentwood, Essex. I'm the Events Manager for the venue, essentially what this means is that I book bands, organise publicity and basically am in charge of the venue (exept the bar - that's the bar manager). Right now I'm getting up to speed, and sorting out the mess thats been left behind after seven months without an Events Manager (long story).

So after booking one band, cancelling two others, and re-booking one of the previous two.. I think I've sort of found my feet. Staff meeting was entertaining... basically one guy is an ass and has been making mnoney by booking bands by himself and pocketing any cash for it. He's not happy to find out that we've cancelled his night that he did this one (ha.. fuck him).

I've already got set into computerising.. well everything. The booking system first though. Stuff to do also includes sort out the web site, and sort out proper contracts for all the bands. Great.

Oh incidentally its the 11th of September so heres the pointless, rambling, and probably exploitative 9/11/2001 post (btw aren't you sick of it being called 9/11? like there's is only one of them.. anyhow.)

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As for why I was bugged...having to explain to my dad how ASDL works while all time he asks questions that he knows he won't anderstand the answers to, and having to repeat myself 10 times... argh.. no I can't be arsed to rant about that here.

No point. To be honest you have to be there.

Anyhow.. there we go, my day at work and one day last year. Enjoy.