September 3rd, 2002

fishy wishy


There are so many people I'd like to get to know better online.
I've always thought that often you meet people who are so much more interesting and fun than in your own area.
I think this is something to do with the fact there are more people on the internet than at your local bar, and there is (generally) less front about it all.

Maybe its just a personality type, as I know people who don't get along in online comunities. Also I know some people think "you know them from the internet? How wierd!".. honestly if I was to say "you met them at a local club? How wierd!" I'd get looked at like I was crazy, and yet you know just as much about a person here as there.

Never the less.. to all of you, and some in particular, here's to seeing you at some point in the near future.
Missing you all already.
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