August 23rd, 2002

fishy wishy

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oh and while I was on the photo taking spree I got this interesting result...

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fishy wishy

yes another one...

I should have prolly made just one post with all these... ah well too late.

I think this prooves I am in fact a superhero. Look at the energy from my fingers there... :)
This pic isn't changed that much actaully, I was reaching for my ceiling, its one of those artex lumpy ones, and all I've done is blur and colour a bit... not much at all.
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fishy wishy

Photo Updates....

The photo gallery (now moved to a more stable server I may add) has al lthe v2002 and Road Trip photos in two new galleries.

Note that many photos were not in that HUGE post I made.. so check them out.
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well its still hot in merry ol england. I took to lounging around in my dressing gown, but somehow that made me hotter.. bleh...

Anyhow a cool shower sorted that, but I noticed two things.

1. my hair, while usually quite manageable goes completely out of control for about 2 hours after I shower. Fists spikey then fluffy like a teddy bear.. ARRGGHH

2. My calves are HUGE! Now I'm trying to work on getting rid of The Gut. This used to involve cycling, but my calves are the only thing that seems to benfit from it. I now have the scariest calves I know of, big and well defined monsters that I have no real use for..

suggestions of what I can use these calves for welcome.

What should I do with my calves?

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DarkCryst's Nectar Of The Gods.


Green Tea
Fresh Mint
Hot Water.

First add green tea to the pot.
Then add around 1-2 table spoons of sugar (for a medium size pot).
Strip the leaves from the mint until you have a generous handful, and add the mint to the pot as well.
Pour the boiling water into the pot and stir well until the sugar is disolved.
The the pot settle and stew for a minute or two.
Pour into a small glass and sip.

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