August 8th, 2002

fishy wishy

I'll give up forever to touch you.. and I know that you feel the same way...

Got my new business cards today. They look very pretty. I ordered them for rinnywee and myself as we are going to ECTS in London later this month to abuse.. er interview.. game devs :)

Thought I'd show you the designs.

The Front - designed and made by RinnyWee, with suggestions from me.

The Back - designed and made by me, with suggestions from RinnyWee.

Standard business card size, and I've a pretty American Psycho style case to put them in. Whee!

Speaking of The Wee, I'll be picking her up at 1pm in Bath tommorrow and we'll procede to monster a large portion of south england, so I won't be online much, or possibly at all, for a day or four. I'm sure y'all will cope without me :)

I preperation for this road trip I have mashed as many CD's together as I think is decent and posibly legal! As I'm sure Rinny has, so no music worries there. I also, as it was an ok day, washed and waxed my car.. so its looking all pretty and shiny.

For those of you that can't stand the sign of my often be-stubbled and grim visage then look away now, for the bundle of beautiful that is kaleidoscopes is to blame for the following:

mucho largeo versionio available on request.. ;)
For those of you who can't get enough of me.. if there are any of you out there, then er.. enjoy! Go make yourself happy to my photo! I really don't mind.

As for more photos, I'll be taking my digital camera along on the road trip, so there should be a maximum of 44 and a minimum of er.. 0 photos comeing back with me. I'll shove them up in the photo gallery when I get back.
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