July 26th, 2002

fishy wishy

Next thing I'll be working and getting paid for it! *gasp*

Well its midnight... so the evening has a way to go yet :D

I've been re-writing my CV today, and looking through some local papers.. not much joy on the paper front, but theres at least one number I'll phone tomorrow. Also on the list tomorrow is trawling around various shops and agencies in Chemlsford, as Brentwood is the afforementioned suck..

so yeah.. fun.

Tho I'll be spending my time in chelmsford with a friend too, so not like I'll be on my own. This friend has also come up with the most disturbing idea to make quick cash... basically it runs like this..

I'm a web design/developer and know my way around the internet...

There are perverts on the net...

They shop...

She has pants...

(can you see it yet?)

She wants to sell her pants online to pant ppl to make a quick buck... I see no flaws in this plan except for a part of my brain rebelling at it and screaming "EEEEEWWWW!" while scrubbing itself with a wire brush...

anyhow... cv done. I'll upload it here if I feel a need :D
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eye eye

Got Milk?

I sit writing this entry an unwell chappy...

but before I explain why... I shall have to chronicle the day...

It all started off so well.

I'd printed off serveral CV's to run around Chelmsofrd pimping my self to various agencies and whereever I could really. I took the data entry and word skills test at one and shocked the woman there by getting 100%.

"no-one has ever done that.." she said, she looked impressed, her friend looked suspicious...

Yay me, the Uber Geek.

Anyhow.. went around a bit applied to various agencies.. etc etc.. didn't expect much of a responce.
Finally collapsed around a friends as it was 29 degrees all day today.. so HOT.

I get a phone call fro mthe first agency...
Would I like to work all next week?
Putting together cardboard displays?
Note really, but I thought of the money and said yes.


So I head home in the car, and just as I'm pulling in I get ANOTHER call... from the same agency.

Can I work tonight? Packing at a Milk factory...

sure... er.. when?

asap I'm told.. so I grab a quick bite and drive off again.

Lots of milk... all over me... hot.. sticky...


leave work.....

get home...


and here I sit.... pissed off and ill... and still feeling ill.

What can you catch from milk?
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