July 25th, 2002

eye eye

dullness... but positive still...

I keep getting complained at.

My family think I'm lazy... now not that I'm saying that I'm the most motivated of persons all the time, when I don't want to deal with something I tend to ignore it. Not the best solution, but hey.. what to do?

Anyhow.. back on subject. My familiy are wrong. They think I'm lazy because I get up at midday. Now I'd agree with them if I'd been going ot bed at 11pm but I don't. I got to bad usually around 4am at the earliest. Thats a maximum of 8 hours sleep. Often I'm online till late and I've been web designing or writing VN fiction or somthing liek that. After I sign off I'll be reading for an hour.

Does this make me lazy? Currently I'm looking for a job, at first it was a proper computing job, then just a full time one.. now its anything with money. :/

I have got a job.. a post as Events Manager at a local club. However I found out today that it'll not be starting until the begining of september. Thanks for telling me oh uncontactable superiors. *sigh*

So I've been out looking for tempory jobs, and guess what? my area SUCKS... nothing. Not even a decent crap data entry job. Every thing is either "New Deal only" or 6 months experience needed.. FOR DATA ENTRY?!!. I phoned up one of these ppl and asked if being a computer (PC) user for over 12 years and freelance web developer counted as experience.. yes it does. I was glad. Then I am told that it also makes me too overqualified...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry..

In other news: I tidied today. I wrestled with the incredible Hoover-Of-Doom and finally managed to sort my sodding room out. Yay me.
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fishy wishy


cheered up by kaleidoscopes comments I've decided to add a new icon..

thank you lovey.... a kind word goes a long way :)

Also in other geekier news: There was an Eve-Online Dev Chat help by stratics today in whic hI was an op.. yay for me.

Its quite interesting if you're interesting (if not why not? go look at the game!)
check out a log hosted by EveGate (who I also *ahem*work*ahem* for)

the log...
they also should have the new webby I did for them up soon.. *sigh* soon they say soon....
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