July 15th, 2002

fishy wishy


Sat out by an old flooded quary and burnt shit tonight.

3 years of a friends old Uni work to be precise.

Was very theraputic.

Also very pretty over at Broads Green. I'll get the photos up asap.


isn't fresh apple juice soooo NICE! Picked some up from the 24hr garage. yummy yum yum.
fishy wishy


Well another night constructivly wasted....

Alpha testing isn't playing the game as some ppl think.. its more about bugs. As it should be.

On anohter note.. if you have a latent geek side.. or even if you don't check this comic out WYSIWYG love it. The best bit? hes a LJ'er.. and going out with the lovely cmpriest. That lucky man...