June 17th, 2002

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I spent most of today in hospital.
Which was nice.

Now before anyone gets all teary and sends me cards.. it wasn't for me.
My ex-girlfriend had hurt her leg and needed a lift to hospital, being still delighted at actaully having a car, I was glad to oblige.

After about 3 hours of waiting in the wonderful atmosphere of the white walled, fleshy pink steel chaired, sanitised A&E waiting room in the stuff heat and sun we finally got to see a Triage nurse. He sent us up to x-ray to get her ankle checked out.. there we wainted an additional 30 minutes to find out that there was apparently nothing wrong. The doctor then sent us back to X-ray the top of the calf.. as he thought that he may have chipped a bone that was.. "Pretty much usless" and "serves no real purpose"


Anyhow.. aftre another 30mins or so we saw him again.. to be told that there is nothing wrong. She just can't walk on it.

Yay... 5 hours overall to tell us that its a sprained muscle..

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