June 15th, 2002

fishy wishy

Reasons People Think I'm Gay:

1. Most of my friends are women.
2. I get on better with women.
3. I prefer gay clubs as they are more fun
4. Most of my friends are gay/bi
5. I don't like lad culture.
6. I don't eye up women automatically.
7. I prefer intelectual stimulation to going out and getting bladdered.

there are more.. but I can't think of them as its late...add ones you see fit...

there is of cource a slight flaw in all this... I DON'T LIKE MEN... ah well.

"What do you think of those girls over there?"
What girls..?
"Them" *points*
Oh.. didn't notice them...
"You're gay I swear.."

(from a conv with a female friend of mine...)

Also I keep getting told that I deserve a great girl, and that loads of girls would line up to be with me.. and thats by WOMEN..

Where ARE these queues?? Someone point them out?? I seem to have missed the non stop flow of women that are attracted to me...
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