May 11th, 2002

fishy wishy

Thats it I QUIT....

Well sort of..

I shall elaborate a bit.. might make more sence.

I have for a while now been in search of a "proper" job. I have a very poor part time job, and frankly I hate it, and the money is crap.. but I digress. I have actually been making motions to get a proper job. I have applied to the few postions currently available, but no joy.

I recently realised why. My portfolio is crap.

Or to be more exact, there's not a lot of good stuff in it. I've got some nice stuff, but theres not enough, and most of it is old.

Which brings me to my "I QUIT" statement. I have decided to retreat from the internet. Not totally mind you.. just from the camping I have been doing. Frankly I'm an internet addict.

I'll still be running around LJ tho.. fear not. Mainly I'll just have the internet in the background.. so I'm ICQ etc.. but I won't be using it much..

Especially not IRC.. god that just kills my time. I love being a part of the eve community but I'm just going to cut it down to a few hours a week maximum.. as I do have Splinterz and Gate Central to work on through there.

So yeah.. while not quiting I'll be visible a lot less. I'll still be here though and on ICQ.. so drop me a line if needs be.

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fishy wishy

Grow up.

Sometimes I just have enough of taking shit from people.

You see, I try to be nice, I try to be understanding, and for the most part I think I succeed. However sometimes I just find that I really can't give a rats ass about something.

Especially if the person complaining hasn't even got the basic sense and decency to talk to m about it. Don't bottle shit up and then explode at me.. you'll find I'll just tell you to get lost and cut you down where you stand. Got a problem with something? FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Don't just sit there an whine that its all so unfair, if only people treated you better, if only they understood.

Step Fucking One - Talk to whoever is hurting/causing you pain/stole your teddy bear as a fucking child.

Yes I know this sounds over simple. But really, honestly, if you don't let people know that something is wrong how can they work to change or correct it?
"Oh but they should know that I'm hurting." How? They telepathic? Have you hung twelve foot placards outside their house? HOW?
"Well its just common sense." Oh I see, now that you've decided that whatever is wrong now everyone else in the fucking uiverse should know it as well? Of cource, what a wonderful fucking dream world you live in.

Also don't complain to me that there are loads of insensitive jerks out there. Correct, well done. This is a fact. Most people don't give a shit about other peoples problems. I happen to be one that does, tell me what's wrong with you rather than biting my sodding head off for trying to make you smile.

I'm sorry? don't I count as a person too? Can't I make mistakes as well as you? Can't I be hurt when you sling a bit of your acid bile my way? No? Screw you. Sure your problems are hard for you, no matter how big they are in the scheme of things they matter incredibly to you. They are your problems. Fine. I understand this.

However remember this.. I am a person too. I too have feelings and emotions. I too can fuck up. I too can feel like the world is crashing down on me. I have my own problems. I will help you if you come to me. I will try to help you if you don't. I don't care if you don't want the help that you need. I will support you. I will tell you when your being a fool. I will congratulate you when you do well. I will tell you when you are chatting shit.

But above all else, I am your friend.
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fishy wishy

Just like to point out something...

The rant below is not aimed at anyone in particular.

It has been pointed out to me that it sounds like its aimed at RinnyWee and its not.
Although some of it does apply... the laters bits certainly.

If anyone is put out with me about the text below.. talk to me about it.

But its most likly not aimed at you.. the person its most aimed at doesn't even access the internet.
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