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Hanging Out

Look who turned up at the office!

These guys are huge, and some of you may have seen similar figures at shopping malls in some places. Apparently we have some kind of promotion to auction these guys off (we do run the Simpsons store after all).

Certainly an amusing addition to the SeenOn and DeliveryAgent offices...


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27th Aug, 2007 19:48 (UTC)
I ran across your name, thru rethought 's LJ. And I noticed this entry. As a layout artist/animator for the TV series, I find this intriguing!

If I can ever haul myself across the pond, I'd love to take a gander! :-D

PS: Congrats on your wedding!
5th Sep, 2007 22:57 (UTC)
Re: Hi!
thank you (sorry for the late reply too).

I'm actually on your side of the pond - I'm up in San Francisco! :) The company I work for does all the ecommerce simpsons stuff. The Simpsons Store.

Awesome that you work on the show, I thought that was all siphoned off to Rough Draft Korea?
6th Sep, 2007 05:37 (UTC)
Re: Hi!
Oh, WOW ... we're closer than I thought (I'm in Lake County, up by Clearlake!)

The studio I work for is Film Roman, who's contracted by FOX. We do the pre and post production, boarding, layout and some 'tweening n cleanup (depending on whether it is a clip show, or a specialized sequence), then, in turn, we subcontract the majority of the 'tweening, cleanup and colouring to AKOM and Rough Draft Korea (and sometimes the facilities at RD's sister studio, in Glendale), I know they go by 'even' and 'odd' episode numbers, though I can't remember who gets what.

I'm due for a trip to my old stomping grounds (SF bay area) ... If possible, I'd love to pop by n see the place ... maybe leave an 'El Barto', somewhere! ;-)
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