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So... Yeah. I admit it, I'm weak.

I've wanted an iPhone for months now, so
I caved and bought one this afternoon. I pity the suckers who lined up yesterday though, as it was really easy to get one, though they were flying off the shelves in SF I was in and out in a couple of minutes. Activation went smoothly and the newsr version of EDGE that AT&T rolled out Friday is almost as fast as WiFi - so all that hot air that was written about it being slow is just that - bunk.

Oh, and I'm typing this on the iPhone right now... in LJ, as I would normally.

So very pretty, and really nice to use... top marks.



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1st Jul, 2007 02:24 (UTC)
so you wouldn't agree with this list then?

Seriously, glad you got it if it's something that makes you smile! :)
But that list had me shaking my head.
1st Jul, 2007 02:31 (UTC)
No mostly because that guy seems to:

a) be looking for a laptop with the form factor of the iPhone
b) have never used a mac before
c) have never use a modern cell phone before

Also I accept some people may have slow net access over EDGE, but mine is really damn fast. YMMV I guess. It probably depends on the networks equipment where you live.

I could do a point by point rebuttal but that would serve no real purpose. Suffice to say that I wanted a phone, and got an awesome one, he obviously wanted something akin to a dell laptop crossed with a PSP... and unsurprisingly didn't get it.

I've found it nothing but a joy to work with, and really that's Apples big hit - their products all create passion. Love it or hate it, but they don't try to please everyone and produce crap like the Blackberry (always hated that device)
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