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Political Changes

Today there was a big story in the news that a lot of people are behaving like idiots about.

No, not Paris Hilton coming out of jail, though that does qualify.

Today Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister and Gordon Brown (the Deputy PM) stepped up to lead the country. Some people are calling for an election because "the people voted for Tony Blair, not Gordon Brown"

Fucking idiots.

As most of my friends and readers on here aren't English I'll explain why I think these people should just shut the hell up and re-educate themselves on their own political process.

There is no "president" of the UK. The President of the USA is functionally the same as our Queen. An elected monarch, something I find pretty hilarious considering the history of the USA, but I digress.

The Prime Minister is basically the leader of the House of Parliament, so Congress in the USA (which makes the House of Lords the Senate). He is Prime Minister because he is the leader of the majority party. If he is no longer the leader he is no longer the Prime Minister.

Unlike in the USA we don't vote for the Monarch, and as my little explanation shows - the PM isn't the same as that position anyhow. So much like no-one voted in Nanci Peloci as the head of Congress, but rather voted the party into power, Gordon Brown is just assuming the responsibility that his position as leader of the party has.

And yet there is a gnashing and a waling of teeth. It's pathetic, and it shows that being ignorant of the political process isn't just an American thing, it's common to all people who claim to know "what's right for the country", while being barely able to find their ass with both hands.

Ignorant, self important assholes the lot of them.


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28th Jun, 2007 00:04 (UTC)
Yeah, the dumbest thing anyone could think is that only Americans are stupid/ignorant and that we're ALL stupid/ignorant. I am far from stupid and you'll find anywhere you go in the world, you'll be surrounded by many idiots.

That was just in response to the last bit though..on the main topic, I completely agree.
28th Jun, 2007 00:10 (UTC)
Totally agreed.

As I say to a lot of my friends - the US public may be more uninformed about some matters than on average in Europe, but that doesn't make them stupid.

Granted there is a large contingent of dumb when it comes to particular topics but it's a vocal minority that tarnishes the reputation of the rest of the US. Which is a shame.
28th Jun, 2007 00:16 (UTC)
I don't know if the US is more uninformed on average. I think we're just much more publicised to the rest of the world than vice versa and you don't see [on tv] the people you could run into anytime in daily life in the usa who do know things. But yes, it's a shame that stupid people have the power to tarnish reputations. Plus once it becomes 'cool' to think that a group of people are ignorant and stupid, people will think that with or without good reason, broadening the idea and making it appear to be even more true.
28th Jun, 2007 04:21 (UTC)
Bush and satan.. oops i mean chayney should follow suite(I know he isn't the same position, but havening them resign would be awesome.
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