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You know what? PG&E can suck my balls.

No... actually, that's too good for them. That implies that I deem them worthy of touching my scrotal sack, my intimate of intimates. No they do not qualify for that level of oral submissive kink play. They are not of rich enough quality to caress my nutsack. They are much lower down the gimp food chain.

PG&E can suck a rabid goats flacid and pus filled drooping balls.

At best.

I think I've made myself clear...


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21st Jun, 2007 15:33 (UTC)
My god! What did they do to you? Also, ewww!
21st Jun, 2007 18:31 (UTC)
yeah.. I remember PG&E well.. cock-sucking bastards that they are. sadly it doesn't get much better anywhere else. OG&E, SWBell, PacBell et al. are all spawn of satan and not worthy of attention.
22nd Jun, 2007 03:50 (UTC)
they're the best electric company because they're the ONLY electric company. :P
22nd Jun, 2007 20:05 (UTC)
ewwwwwwwww!!!!! LOL
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