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Thoughts on Life

As much as he regular day job of working at a high-profile internet company (or hell, any job) can stress me out... it's nice to be able to come home to Miriam.

She's a star.

The hardest thing I do every day is leave her side, and the best part of my day is coming back to it.

All in all, it's a good life.


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5th Jun, 2007 07:59 (UTC)
Glad to hear it. Life is good here, too. :)
5th Jun, 2007 14:21 (UTC)
Well put, sir.
5th Jun, 2007 22:17 (UTC)
London calling
I think i was just sick dude, is America finally getting through your thick Essex skin with its smaltz?

Maybe i should come over this summer and inject some good old fashioned British cyniscism into the proceedings, the colonies are clearly getting out of control.

Although having said that, its good to hear, be a bit of shame if you couldnt stand her already!
5th Jun, 2007 22:38 (UTC)
Re: London calling
You better be coming over this summer punk :P Wedding remember?
5th Jun, 2007 22:18 (UTC)
Damn, I wish my husband felt this way about me.
5th Jun, 2007 22:37 (UTC)
aww *hugs* I'm sure he does - he just sucks at expressing it.
5th Jun, 2007 22:42 (UTC)
Haha, no he doesn't. It's okay though. Hopefully Miriam knows what a lucky gal she is. :)
5th Jun, 2007 23:19 (UTC)
Hopefully! ;)

So when are you coming out to CA? ;)
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