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The weekend in brief

Pirates 3 mini review: Does for Pirates what Van Hellsing did for movie monsters. That should tell you all you need to know, you'll either love it or hate it and for exactly the same reasons that apply to Van Hellsing. I loved it, despite its flaws, and gaping plot holes.

Shrek 3 mini review: The worst of the previous two movies combined with a lack of laughs and plot. When it's funny it is very funny, but when it's not... well that's most of the movie. There aren't even many jokes in it, and the plot is pretty much recycled from the first 15 minutes of the first movie. Lame. If you really want to see it wait for the DVD, and stick it on netflix.

Miriam's Birthday/Housewarming Party. Awesome, lots of fun, we need to have more parties ;) Thanks everyone who showed up :)

and now... work calls :)


29th May, 2007 17:09 (UTC)
Well, I couldn't have reviewed those movies any better or differently myself. James and I went to see those same two movies in the last weekend, and I pretty much came to the same conclusions. I loved PotC, despite it's many flaws. And Shrek 3 was just plain horrible. Truly one of those movies where you saw all the funny in the preview. And it was like one hour and a half long diatribe on why you should have children. *blech*