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Cannes Information...

Cannes Short Film Corner LogoWell Miriam & I may not be able to go to Cannes, but that doesn't mean I can't talk about it here does it?

It does? Well screw that, I'm breaking them rules!

Our little film has a whole section of the Cannes website dedicated to it.* Linky? I think so!

They also took the time to do a whole special blurb for it, which is nice - because we're never sure how to say anything about it without spoiling the plot:

When a young woman arrives in heaven, she is greeted by a rather unorthodox gatekeeper and his bizarre requirements to be allowed entrance into the afterlife. Sardonic and laced with dry humor, this animated short pokes fun at how sometimes our expectations of the divine overshadow the often painful and hilarious truth.
[and for the Francophone's in the audience]
Le ciel n'est pas tout qu'on le fend jusqu'à soit quand un nouveau venu fatigué arrive aux portes nacrées ! Quand une jeune femme arrive dans le ciel, elle est saluée avec quelques conditions plutôt bizarres d'être permis l'entrée dans la vie après la mort. Ce short animé sarcastique pousse l'amusement à la façon dont parfois nos espérances du divin éclipsent la vérité souvent douloureuse et hilare.

Forms: Animation, Short
Animation Techniques: 2D Computer, Animated Objects
Genres: Comedy, Microcinema, Flash, Independent
Niches: Student, Youth/Teen, Mature/Adult

More (including screenshots, and more specific detail**) at the Ignorance Is Bliss Cannes web page, plus.. you know our Animated State site. You can also vote on how awesome you know it is there... you know, if you want.


*Well, you know... like every other film, but that's not the point!
** Where I get a listed as "starring" in the film... wheeeeeee!!


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2nd May, 2007 12:20 (UTC)
greg, this is the coolest thing EVAR!! congrats! :) you so famous! :-p
2nd May, 2007 12:23 (UTC)
Sounds really awesome. I hope the two of you will win.
3rd May, 2007 00:15 (UTC)
heh, would be nice. We're up against around 900 short films from around the world though...
2nd May, 2007 14:03 (UTC)
How do I see the film? Congrats!!
3rd May, 2007 00:16 (UTC)
We've not posted it up online yet. When we do I'll let everyone know.
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