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Let the mess begin!

I type this as I work from home in my new apartment. Very awesome.

Firstly a big THANK YOU to Beth, Joe, Brian, & Erica - who offered manpower, truck-power and general helpfulness all weekend. Thank you guys - you so rock, and we owe you. It's great to finally have our own place.

So now the building of furniture, buying of groceries and all that other fun stuff (after finding out what the best places to shop at are around here). Of course the car is currently in the shop... so that's an annoying point to add, but I'm hopeful about that.

More to come as soon as we're settled, but there shall be a housewarming party.. oh yes (and hopefully <lj user="bar_butterfly> will be able to attend this time... one day we'll actually meet up!).


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30th Apr, 2007 20:23 (UTC)
where are the new digs?
1st May, 2007 07:12 (UTC)
Downtown Oakland, or thereabouts anyhow. Right behind the Paramount Theatre and up the street from the old Fox Theatre.

A few blocks from the lake too! :)
30th Apr, 2007 20:46 (UTC)
Congrats to you an Miriam!
30th Apr, 2007 21:32 (UTC)
hooray! congrats on the move. Isn't life easier when you know people with pick up trucks!!! where abouts is the new digs?
1st May, 2007 07:13 (UTC)
Closer to downtown basically - 21st and Telegraph.
1st May, 2007 03:53 (UTC)
Had no idea you two were getting your own place! Congratulations!! Email me the new postal address please!!
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