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Umm... you do.

Yes... Myself, Miriam, and Sean, collectively known as Animated State, have some news: Our first animated short film has been selected by the Cannes Film Festival to appear there this year.

Oh. My. God.

I mean, Hi/Lo = Awesome. Phoenix Film Festival? Sweet! LA Film Festival? Damn that's cool.

But Cannes? CANNES?

Holy fucking biscuit hopping christ on a cracker! It's fucking Cannes! Sadly at $1400 for flights each... I don't think any of us will be going there :(



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23rd Apr, 2007 19:14 (UTC)
OMG Cannes!! Congrats to the whole lot of you!
23rd Apr, 2007 19:36 (UTC)
Many congrats to you all! That is wonderful news!
23rd Apr, 2007 19:36 (UTC)
Sweet cuppin cakes!! That's fantastic! Congratulations!
23rd Apr, 2007 19:42 (UTC)
That is SO awesome! YOU SHOULD GO. SCREW IT! JUST GO! lol

My grandmother starred in an independent film a few years ago. She was the start. In her mid-70s. lol. It went to the California and New York festivles, I think. She played an old psychic lady who was trying to take the body of a young girl. I love my grandmother.
3rd May, 2007 00:17 (UTC)
heh, it's $1400 just for the flights.. let alone accommodation, and that's just for one of us!
3rd May, 2007 00:56 (UTC)
soooo?! when is this gonna happen again? SRSLY. haha. i'd be going and then eat ramen for 2 years if i had to lmao.
23rd Apr, 2007 19:47 (UTC)
holyshitdudethatisamazingnews *breath* I mean.. That is very very cool. Congrats!
23rd Apr, 2007 21:12 (UTC)

Have you looked to see if you can do a discounted flight to someplace like London or elsewhere and drive?


I'm going to brag about knowing you!!

(although, oddly enough, that makes you the second person on my FL with a film at Cannes... so that's rather unusual...)
3rd May, 2007 00:19 (UTC)
It's not a short drive, would cost a ton to get there still, plus it would be.. around a week of driving.

Who was the other person?
23rd Apr, 2007 22:37 (UTC)
24th Apr, 2007 00:05 (UTC)
Holy crap that's so cool!!!!!!

Congratulations. What a major accomplishment!
3rd May, 2007 00:19 (UTC)
Makes an easy answer to that question in interviews though!
24th Apr, 2007 01:11 (UTC)
whee! holycrapthat'sexpensive!! (and what yndy said up above)
24th Apr, 2007 01:14 (UTC)
Holy crap!
3rd May, 2007 00:20 (UTC)
Roughly what I said when I got the email actually.. ;)
24th Apr, 2007 05:11 (UTC)
That is really awesome! Congratulations!
24th Apr, 2007 14:16 (UTC)
Awesome!!!! Congrats!
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