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Can We Be Too Connected?

Ok, so I'm making this post from LJ Talk (well.. actually Adium on the mac) and suddenly I realize how freaking useful this could be. Well ok, not actually useful as such, but certainly convenient. Not sure if I can actually do line breaks in this though....

Apparently I can (Alt+Enter). Good to know, and good for your reading comprehension as well I'm sure.

While this is pretty cool for LJ, it's a positive requirement for Twitter. Hooking this account into Twitter means that I can get updates transparently, and update my Twitter (the lingo is "to tweet") without having to use their web interface (which while great... is slow), and I can avoid the slew of txt messages to my phone I might have otherwise (useful, but I don't want it).

Linking the phone was useful too... again for a given value of "useful" as I could update on the go, not exactly useful now, but maybe very useful when I have more friends in the area.

Anyhow... web+phone+im+instant notification of people... am I a little too connected? I don't think so, but it really depends on the usage of it I guess.

What do you think?


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(Deleted comment)
29th Mar, 2007 14:13 (UTC)
I'm not sure. I'll have to see what happens,(hehe)though I don't have a Twitter account. I'm not sure how I would enjoy it...so I'm in waiting about it.

Looks like you will have good use of Twitter after all....maybe?
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