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Of Angels & Monkeys

Guybrush Monkey Island License PlateAs some of you may know, my favorite games of all time are the Monkey Island adventure/point and click series.1

What most of you probably don't know is that I have a new car. Yes indeed, I am mobile and dangerous2 once more. It's actually very liberating to be mobile again, and I'm sure Miriam is happy that she no longer has to ferry me everywhere.

The new car is a 1997 VW Jetta, in dark metallic blue. It's pretty, and it was also pretty cheap. Thankfully the few serious problems that Jetta's of that era can have seem to have been already taken care of on this one.3 Photos to come soon... after I have had time to wash it!

So, bolstered by new car glee, I - on a whim - decided to see how much custom license plates were in CA, as everyone seems to have them here. Personalized plates4 are expensive in the UK - my sisters cost around £300! Here? $40.

40?? Ok, so there's an additional cost per year ($30) but... damn! I could have the plates for ten years and still only pay half what my sister did. Awesome. After trying various combinations (that were available) like WEB G33K, RED DWF, and so on.. I found GUYBRSH... ah Guybrush Threepwood - what magical moments we've had together... the sword fighting training, the Indiana Jones jokes, the time I put a 30lb block of Tofu down your pants, the time my wife developed a crush on you5... good times, good times.

So... well I had to get it didn't I?

As you can see in that image up there to the right however - that isn't all I got. I needed a license plate holder too (as my current one says "stolen from goodcarscheap.com", which is not optimal). Well after finding a lot of crappy websites with "GO CAL BEARS" or "WORLDS BEST DAD!!!" type plates.. I finally found an awesome site which you can create your own ones on for really cheap. So add one skull & cross bones, plus Guybrush's famous quote (and first line ever spoken) and you have the most awesomely old school geeky gamer plate EVAR!!

So... thats the monkey part taken care of, what about Angels?

Well yesterday I realized I didn't have the $4 I need to get across the San Mateo bridge in the morning (it's a toll bridge) so I had to run by Piedmont Ave to hit up an ATM - unfortunately the network was down so no ATM worked at all. I mentioned to one woman there that I was pretty screwed because of this.. as I only had $2 - she then proceeded to give me the $2 I needed for the bridge. She was my morning angel, and I told her so.

It's always nice when people do nice things for you, completely unprompted. Pay it Forward and all that :)

1Although I couldn't like the 4th one, no matter how hard I tried. The writing and acting was great... but the move to 3d was ugly and horrible.
2 Not that I'm a dangerous driver, but you know - it's two tons of metal traveling at 60mph - that's pretty dangerous no matter how you cut it!!
3 Like the transmission failing, which is really the main issue on them, other stuff is pretty minor. The transmission was replaced on this one a few years ago.. so it's sorted.
4 As we call them in the UK... except with an 's' in Personalised.
5 and still has one I may add. Hey I can deal with that, he's a cool guy, plus he's fictional.. this is important.


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16th Mar, 2007 22:23 (UTC)

(Monkey island is why I make video games now, I met Ron Gilbert last year and got totally fan girl on him...)
16th Mar, 2007 22:32 (UTC)
Thanks! :D The above is just a mock up based on the images both sites give you when you order, but I'm sure it'll look just as good when they arrive.

Ron Gilbert is awesome. I really want to meet him, he's the reason why I want to get into games, and why I love the genre. Miriam met him at a party a few years back for a startup.

I'm actually tempted to hit him up for when I relaunch my site - I want to have an interviews section, mostly games people too (I work below Activision/Z-Axis Studios now.. I'm already promised a tour there!).
16th Mar, 2007 23:13 (UTC)
it was a party because his company Doublefine was moving offices

it was fun
16th Mar, 2007 23:55 (UTC)
Ah... right. Doublefine rocks, I'm still jealous of you for that ;)
16th Mar, 2007 23:14 (UTC)
well why don't you marry her if she's sooo great with her two dollars

i have two dollars, big deal
16th Mar, 2007 23:57 (UTC)
1) because she was like... 50
2) because I'm married to you
3) because I love you not her
4) because you're much more awesome on a regular basis than anyone else

.. I could go on :P *smooch*
17th Mar, 2007 16:18 (UTC)
woah that's cool...I didn't know you could use footnotes in these entries.
17th Mar, 2007 17:46 (UTC)
Well it's just done in HTML... I just used the code <sup>number </sup> for the numbers and then wrapped the block at the bottom in <small> </small>
17th Mar, 2007 18:45 (UTC)
oh ok..makes sense. :)
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