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Got Milk?

I sit writing this entry an unwell chappy...

but before I explain why... I shall have to chronicle the day...

It all started off so well.

I'd printed off serveral CV's to run around Chelmsofrd pimping my self to various agencies and whereever I could really. I took the data entry and word skills test at one and shocked the woman there by getting 100%.

"no-one has ever done that.." she said, she looked impressed, her friend looked suspicious...

Yay me, the Uber Geek.

Anyhow.. went around a bit applied to various agencies.. etc etc.. didn't expect much of a responce.
Finally collapsed around a friends as it was 29 degrees all day today.. so HOT.

I get a phone call fro mthe first agency...
Would I like to work all next week?
Putting together cardboard displays?
Note really, but I thought of the money and said yes.


So I head home in the car, and just as I'm pulling in I get ANOTHER call... from the same agency.

Can I work tonight? Packing at a Milk factory...

sure... er.. when?

asap I'm told.. so I grab a quick bite and drive off again.

Lots of milk... all over me... hot.. sticky...


leave work.....

get home...


and here I sit.... pissed off and ill... and still feeling ill.

What can you catch from milk?

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