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My Working Life.

Yes, the rumors are true - I am (finally) a working joe.

I have been woefully quiet about this fact, so much so that people have been randomly emailing me saying "I hear this is true.. well?" - very bad form on my part, so sorry about that.

You see, the thing is I originally intended to post about it on the day I heard. This post would have been a sombre, subtle affair - something like "GREAT IS MY M$#$F^&%@#ING W00T!!" in 72pt type splashed across your friends page. You know - understated and classy like that. However I just didn't get around to it... and the more time passed... the less topical it seemed to be.. y'know?

Anyhow - here's the skinny, so to speak. I now have the title "Marketing Web Developer" at Arena Solutions, who are based in Foster City - which is south of San Francisco* and, as I said to Miriam at the weekend, it's always a good sign when you look forward to coming into work on a Monday morning.

Arena are what I'd call a "post-startup" company. They are young, and still small, but they have money, are organized, and employ enough people to fill a reasonably sized office floor with - but they still have a fun, friendly atmosphere.

I'll post some pictures of the area and my workspace when I get them off the camera, it's nice - I look out across the bay at SF and Oakland. Pretty.

Anyhow - more to come, but I hope that answers a few questions! My first two days of work went very well, here's to the rest of them!

* in other words, they are the other side of the bay to Oakland, and about half way down the bay to the south.


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5th Mar, 2007 23:35 (UTC)
5th Mar, 2007 23:45 (UTC)
Go Greg! They cannot stop him - they can only hope to slow him down!
14th Mar, 2007 19:16 (UTC)
I think I need to adopt that as my tagline...
14th Mar, 2007 19:54 (UTC)
Worked out quite well for that Michael Jordan fellow :)
6th Mar, 2007 00:57 (UTC)
now we just have to figure out how you're going to get to work after the rental car time runs out...

I think we should train the chinchillas to pull a rickshaw
6th Mar, 2007 01:03 (UTC)
The problem with that is that they'd get distracted and I'd end up in a field somewhere near Brentwood going around in circles.
6th Mar, 2007 01:24 (UTC)
Cograts!! now where is my overdue birthday present?
14th Mar, 2007 19:17 (UTC)
lol, when I have money... maybe next time!
14th Mar, 2007 22:05 (UTC)
i am teasing/
14th Mar, 2007 22:08 (UTC)
I know, just saying... ;)
6th Mar, 2007 04:01 (UTC)
Huge Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :)
14th Mar, 2007 19:17 (UTC)
thank you! Certainly feels good to be a working stiff again... weird how that works huh?
10th Mar, 2007 16:53 (UTC)
Good for you man! I'm very happy for you and glad to see that things are going great!
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