DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

Prepare for Oscar Season

As much as I think that movies this year were promising, but ultimately unfulfilling* I have to say - the Oscars, if you ignore the main few categories, have some great picks in there.**

However if you missed some, which I'm sure you did, then the makers of The Pirate Bay have something for you: Oscar Torrents

Yes, every movie that was nominated (including shorts and animations, which is very cool) right there - ready for your favourite torrent application (I recommend uTorrent myself).

Not that I'd download these movies, or recommend doing so... *ahem* - Support your local theater and all that.

But you know... it's a great site (well laid out, pretty, easy to navigate, all the info on the movies). Check it out.

*with some exceptions, there were a few good movies this year.
**I still hold that Dream Girls doesn't deserve to me anywhere on that list - except for Eddie Murphy.

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