DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

Life Progresses

And as part of it - I continue to search for work in and around the Bay Area. Some progress - a local recruiter found me through my LinkedIn profile and is helping me find jobs. Also I'm hopeful about a position at Leapfrong for a Game Producer* - all in all... promising, just slow work.

New Website

As part of my general plan I've been working on a new, much improved version of my site, making much more of a professional platform than a blog (still post based though). A screenshot of the design is what is floating on the right.

Basically I'm going to be splitting into a more categorized style - with projects, articles, and some blog stuff on top of that, but making it more of a content based site than a blog post based site... if you see what I mean.

Me: The RPG

I'm also working on a playable resume and portfolio that is based on retro RPG's. You know.. like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Shining Force, or the original Final Fantasy series? Yeah, like that. The main goal is going to be to get me to the USA to be with Miriam. On the way I'll encounter various people and things that will illustrate who I am and what I can do.

I thought it was a novel idea anyhow :) What do you think?



*which would be freaking sweet!


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