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Your thoughts?

I want your opinion...

I was going to write an entry on why I like Wing Tsun kung-fu, especially it's teaching methods and principles, and how they might apply outside of kung-fu. However that won't be short - so are you interested? If it's just me that finds these things interesting then I can keep quiet, but if you'd like to hear what I have to say.. let me know!

Poll #910077 Well?

Do you care about my thoughts on Wing Tsun?

No especially.
Sure, why not?
Yeah, sounds interesting!
I hang on your every word.


20th Jan, 2007 19:36 (UTC)
I agree with the above about just writing whatever you want as we really have the choice to read it or not. I voted Not Especially, because I"m just not into martial arts.. however, if it's something that floats your boat you should write about it regardless of us. My only other comment is Dude! You so need to write more often. Do you have a job? how much do you love living in Cali? What do you do with your days if you are jobless? and just How are you in general? Keep in touch mate.