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Your thoughts?

I want your opinion...

I was going to write an entry on why I like Wing Tsun kung-fu, especially it's teaching methods and principles, and how they might apply outside of kung-fu. However that won't be short - so are you interested? If it's just me that finds these things interesting then I can keep quiet, but if you'd like to hear what I have to say.. let me know!

Poll #910077 Well?

Do you care about my thoughts on Wing Tsun?

No especially.
Sure, why not?
Yeah, sounds interesting!
I hang on your every word.


20th Jan, 2007 00:26 (UTC)
my answer is ONLY because I hear Adrian's rantings about why Kung Fu is the greatest thing since sliced bread at least twice a week. And i bet he's way more impressed with it than sliced bread too, since you can't punch someone in the throat with it.