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2006: State of The Greg

Yes, I'm over a week late, but you know memories are like a good wine - they should be savored and aged before distribution.

2006 was quite a year for me, the start of a lot of things in many ways. It also didn't change a few things: I entered 2006 as a basically jobless freelance web developer, and I leave the year like that, however I have a lot more opportunity here to find gainful employment... and I couldn't actually legally work for 6 months, which never helps.

In March I packed my single, very purple, large bag and left the UK to fly for the sunny shores of Oakland, CA. Having only been to Oakland in the winter months (late October-Early Nov 2005 and Christmas 2004 respectively) the spring time in Oakland was a surprise...


Very, very, very wet.

Apparently this was unusual. A fact that wasn't hard to figure out by the number of apocalyptic dire predictions that were being made over a little rain.*

Anyhow, that soon cleared up, and it was all nice and sunny, which is much more the normal situation. It was then time to explore, and I got to travel around Japan Town, which was pretty awesome. I had my birthday, and a good one it was too, something that is usually hard to say. Miriam had hers and we went off to celebrate both her birthday and the 2 year anniversary of when we first met in Mendocino, CA. It was lovely.

On 6/6/6 Miriam and I got married. With ring-pops. Something that I'm very happy about, and I couldn't wish to be with someone better.

By August we had actually finally finished the huge room project that we had started two months earlier. The floors had had lino stripped, were sanded and stained, the walls painted, the closets organized**, the room layout reworked. It was a time of much rejoicing, and it looked fabulous.

Also in August I got to see Barry Bonds play, thanks to new friends Kelly and Jacob, my second visit to a baseball stadium and a much better view. Fun. I also found out that there are bands of ninjas attacking people out there.

In September a lot of things happened - not least of which was starting Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, which I will talk about more at a later date. Miriam and I drove*** up to North to see her friend Sara and to go camping which was really nice. The Humbolt state redwoods are a sight you have to see. The drive back was pretty awesome as well - with crazy little roadside attractions galore. other things included a great BBQ in Golden Gate Park with the KML posse, and going to see the The Black Dahlia's grave in the fantastic Mountain View cemetery just around the corner.

October was time for new things. A new chinchilla cage, a new chinchilla, and a new computer. I also got to go canoing on Lake Merritt with Miriam, caramida, & Erica, which was a really nice way to spend an afternoon.

Later that month was Halloween, where I dressed like a zombie, and Miriam was Pretty in Pink. There was also a dancing sumo wrestler. Yes, it was that kind of Halloween.

In November Miriam and I both passed our first Wing Tsun grading, which I was much more happy about than she was I think. We also got to hook up with [info]moriarty6, who I haven't seen in ages... that was freaking awesome, and introduced us to subrock, also awesome. November and December also meant I did some work at the Christmas Revels, which was good, as I needed the money.

December also brought the usual Christmas stuff, and we rounded out the year wit ha very nice little cocktail party with a small enough to be nice, but large enough to be fun group of friends.

2006 was a good, productive year, lets hope it's the start of a trend.


* Ok, so it rained for a whole month, but seriously - it wasn't that bad. It was just that they aren't used to it here. The reaction was something similar to how
cmpriest tells stories of snow in TN.
** For a given value of organized - instead of piles of crap, there were now large plastic tubs filled with crap. At least they can't get water damaged now.
*** Ok, so Miriam drove.

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