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Something is wrong with my neck...

I first noticed it yesterday - fine in the morning, it got worse from the afternoon on. I only got to sleep last night because we have some great painkillers that also knock me out. This morning it's still there.

It's like the rear sides of my neck and shoulders (you know.. that line that kinda runs from your shoulders up your neck at the back) are reeeeally stiff. If I move too far in any direction it really damn hurts. I can do it - but it hurts.

Bah. Not a good time to be sick/injured/unwell.


7th Dec, 2006 03:13 (UTC)
once, i hurt my neck while sleeping (why, oh why, did i not realize it while i was sleeping?!), and woke up with one entire side of my neck in some serius pain. i couldn't turn it at all. i walked around all day like a robot, and it was really, really sore for days.

neck injuries usually heal on their own, but they fucking suck man.
7th Dec, 2006 03:14 (UTC)
oh, and i didn't have any painkillers :( but most make me itch or barf anyway, so i dunno.