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As I'll Remember Her...

Lisa, my friend Martin's ex, died last night from, ultimately, cancer.

While I'd not seen her for a while, and neither had Martin. I heard from him before I left that she was very ill from cancer.

I only knew her for a few years, while Martin and I were at University together, but she was full of life and lots of fun to be around. We lost contact after Martin and her broke up, but I thought of the days we all hung out at University fondly.

Martins email this morning has affected me more than I'd expect, and its hard to write about. I know that she had been very ill in a hospice recently, but it's something else to have that final bell struck...

This is how I'll remember her - hanging out and having fun - full of life, rest in peace Lisa.


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27th Nov, 2006 21:15 (UTC)
As always when events like this happen, I'm lost for words.
27th Nov, 2006 21:32 (UTC)
It's always a shock when people pass on before they should. I'm sorry for your loss. :-(
27th Nov, 2006 21:58 (UTC)
I am sorry to read this, Greg. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
27th Nov, 2006 22:08 (UTC)
She looks like she loved life and fully... sometimes really bright candles burn too fast...

May she rest in peace.

*sympathy hugs* your way - it's hard to lose someone even when you haven't seen them in awhile.
27th Nov, 2006 23:45 (UTC)
Sorry for your loss.
28th Nov, 2006 00:07 (UTC)
So sorry to hear. I can understand it would be so difficult to receive that news. *hugs*
28th Nov, 2006 10:27 (UTC)
I am so sorry for your loss.
28th Nov, 2006 13:11 (UTC)
from david in london
Greg, im in total shock. i remember those days in the park, good times. for those of you that don't know Lisa she epitomized the word fun. she is a major part of my (probably our) memories of that time. 2nd year of uni in flat 52 was an awesome time (strap-on threats and all) and she was a big part of the reason, for those of you who weren't there, you missed out.

this girl was a real gem.

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