DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,

Kung-Fu Hustle

Sunday, the end of an epic weekend.

Firstly, it was the final* weekend of Miriam's show with KML. We were there both nights. There was Friday: the show killed. It was fantastic, and the people we were there with loved it too - Kelly from ILM said "it was better than Beach Blanket Babylon." High praise.

Kelly also gave Miriam and I a lift to the wharf, where we met up with moriarty6. After first mistaking someone else for me (it has been three years) Aric took us to a local bar to meet up with his friend Chris (subrock). Who was slowly drinking the bar to the accompaniment of ear bleedingly loud sub-par blues. After moving on to a better pub a great time was had by all. It was really great to see Aric again, and Chris was pretty darn cool too. I also owe him $40**. I hope it will be damn sight less time before we catch up again.

Saturday was a re-tread of Friday night, but with more people. Also awesome. Miriam and I retired tired, but happy.

Then Sunday...

Sunday was out Wing Tsun seminar - 5 hours of kung-fu, wherein we also find out if we are good enough to go to the next level - and it was awesome. Tiring, but awesome.

As this photo attests - both of us passed and are now working on understanding the level 2 skills, which is freaking sweet! To use a local phrase ;) I'm doubly happy because I've got to the testing phase of the first (white) level of ju-jitsu twice and both times ended up quiting due to other factors (usually time, or because I was poor). It feels like a really big accomplishment for me.

Our Sifu (the teacher of our teacher) is... quite a surprise. The man is scarily fast. I mean... really really really fast. He is also about three times my weight and is not a lot taller than Miriam. Just goes to show you that size has nothing to do with how good you can be if you want to be....

Anyhow. More to come soon, but for now... YAY :)

* except that it has been announced that it will have a three week revival in January! Whoo!
** Being the awesome kind of guy he is, he paid for everyones cab. Ours was quite a bit cheaper than we expected at 3am.

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