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You know you've had Star Trek on too much* when, as you read documentation, you hear Patrick Stewart narrating it in your head...

Anyhow! Moving on... tomorrow I shall be seeing Miriam (and KML's) show "KML Faces The Music" again - I'm looking forward to it! I also should be seeing moriarty6, if all goes well anyhow. Aric - if you see this email me! ;)

* It plays all day on SpikeTV so I have in on in the background.


17th Nov, 2006 04:47 (UTC)
If it makes you feel better, I still know the entire introduction to it from when I was a kid and my father watched it, haha. XD
17th Nov, 2006 06:52 (UTC)
some of my earliest memories were at star trek conventions since my parents are trekkies. I used to fall asleep on my mom's lap watching it, and now sometimes I need it in the background to fall asleep.
aaaah...yes...flux capicator warp plasma...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz